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Vision & Values

Our Vision & Our Values

Started from a true passion to generate leads via permission marketing, Aidant Media Inc. is a young and innovating lead generation company based in India and US. With a team of specialist and professionals, we work to help our partners grow their business. Our goal is to create long-term partnerships by continuously adding value to our partner's businesses.

What makes Aidant Media so unique are the innovations and the ability to always reach the companies only and only value: HIGH QUALITY DATA.

Online lead generation has not reached its full potential yet. A big part comes from poor or inadequate knowledge on lead generation and the lack of experience in the market about permission marketing. At Aidant Media Pvt. Ltd. we don't work to spend a client's budget, we work to show the client what lead generation can REALLY do when performed with the right knowledge and specialism. We work to make lead generation a great and continuous investment for our clients - Nupur (Nick) Patel (Co-Owner)

  • Premium quality :

    Aidant Media is all about bringing the best type of prospects to our clients. We take pride in being a premium lead generation company. We generate the best quality data through our premium channels and data-collection concepts. With our unique data-cleansing system we are able to verify all data before delivering.

  • Knowledge : Lead generation is a specialism that requires professional knowledge to be performed right. We make sure our team has the right specialists and professionals and is being continuously educated. This way we make sure we have all the knowledge to give our clients the best that lead generation has to offer.

  • Value :

    We believe in adding value to the business of our partners. Not only by delivering high quality data, but also by sharing our knowledge to make it work.

  • Innovation :

    Aidant Media innovates and brings new models to lead generation. Progress is created through innovation. This way we always find new possibilities to bring the best quality data and high volumes to our clients.

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